About Our Course And Classes

Your license means many things to you, independence, freedom, and responsibility to name a few. The day you receive your license will be very special! You will step into a world that can mean new freedom and independence. You will meet new people and do new things. The world of possibility may open for you in ways you have never imagined. In this world, you will discover you have a set of new responsibilities.

If you are under 18, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires you to take a drivers education course in order to earn your learner's permit.

If you're like most teenagers, your high school drivers education course is scheduled during holidays, or on weekends. What if your school doesn't offer a driver's education course at all? YourDriversEd.com is the answer! We offer a DMV online driver's education program from the convenience of your home. We are DMV approved a nd have been teaching high school students for over 30 years. We are The Leader in Traffic Safety Education!

YourDriversEd.com offers a convenient online course that's DMV approved!