About Car Insurance Including Tips Trends And Information

Due to inexperience and a feeling that it wont happen to me, teen drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents or traffic violations than other more experienced age groups.

You can keep your insurance premiums (the amount you pay for coverage) and a good driving record if you follow these tips:

1. Know the rules of the road and maintain a clean driving record.

2. As a parent model good driving behavior.

3. Place your teen driver on your insurance policy and discounts can be passed on to .

4. Pay your teenager to get good grades. A 3.0 GPA will result in a student discount. You can reward them with the amount you save on your insurance policy.

5. Take drivers education and qualify for an approximate 10% discount. Check which insurance companies offer these discounts.

6. If you, as the parent, are providing a car for your child purchase a practical vehicle that is safe. This will lower insurance premiums.

7. Get your teens support. Ask your teen for help cut costs and point out that you will share in the savings (see rule #4).

8. Talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol. Create a contract making your child responsible for good driving behavior.

9. Take traffic school to beat tickets. If a teenager gets a ticket go to traffic school and the ticket will erased from their driving record

10. Ride with your teenager. See if your teen driver is driving properly by following the rules and demonstrating car control.

By following the above tips you can keep your insurance coverage cost to a minimum.